The god of fools

Mercurial, I knew about, and the tricksterishness.  But I hadn’t encompassed Mercury’s full spectrum – the god of culture, but also the ‘humanizing force’. I will light a candle to any humanizing force.  And as an ‘irrepressible trickster and joker’, he probably qualifies as the god of court fools and jesters.

Humorless is the last thing Mercury is.  Mercury is an irrepressible trickster and joker, who even brings a laugh out of the solemn Apollo when he pulls off the amazing trick of stealing the sun god’s cattle.

Source: Harry Eyres, Horace and Me: Life Lessons from an Ancient Poet (New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2013), p. 174

Image credit: drawing of Mercury, public domain


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