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European court and household account books are a gold mine for fool sleuths: they provide details of emoluments paid or provided to jesters, and in many cases give us names of jesters and whom they served, which might not be otherwise recorded.  Here a list of pay-outs in France, brings to light several I had not come across before.

(With seals, 1395-1414)  Receipts for payments and tips made to various court fools: Gilot, fool of the Duke of Orleans (1396); Jehan Bobe, valet of Jehan Bouzère, fool of the Count of Blois (1397); Colin Frene, said to be of Castille, guardian of the fools of the Duke of Orleans (1398); G. Quillet, guardian of Versac, fool of the Duke of Orleans (1414); Thommine, female fool of the Duke of Bourbon (1448); Navete, fool of M. de Dunois (1485).


Tips paid to various minstrels and to the fool of the Count of the Marche (1397-1399).


Quittances de gages et de gratifications reçues par divers fous de cour: Gilot, fol du duc d’Orléans (1396). – Jehan Bobe, varlet de Jehan Bouzère, fol du comte de Blois (1397).- Colin Frene, dit Castille, garde des folz du duc d’Orléans (1398). – G. Quillet, gouverneur de Versac, fol du duc d’Orléans (1414). – Thominne, fole du duc de Bourbon (1448). – Navete, fol de M. de Dunois (1485).


Gratification à divers ménestrels et au fou du comte de la Marche (1397-1399).

Source: Catalogue analytique des archives de M. le baron de Joursanvault: contenant une précieuse collection de manuscrits, chartes et documens originaux au nombre de plus de quatre-vingt mille, concernant l’histoire générale de la France – l’histoire particulière des provinces – l’histoire de la noblesse et l’art héraldique…. 2 vols (Paris: J. Techener, 1838), vol. 1, p. 135, no. 805; p. 140, no. 822.


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