In praise of folly

Today’s the day you can be sure

You can’t avoid and shouldn’t ignore,

The day that we can all afford

to lark about and at last accord

Ourselves the time to take time out

And raise a glass and merrily shout

In praise of Folly, the saucy goddess who

Brings life and joy to me and you.

To add to our celebration of Erasmus’ slyly slim little bombshell of a book, Praise of Folly, we are delighted to draw your attention to a music and recitation fool-fest dedicated to this Renaissance bestseller.  This wonderful work by Alia Vox comprises six CDs with accompanying texts in as many languages, and the option to download the recitations in English, Spanish, Dutch, German, Italian or Catalan, or simply to listen to the French version on the CDs and read along in your own lingo, or one you happen to like.

The first CD is a splendid selection from Praise of Folly, addressing you in the enticing voice of the goddess, allowing you to effortlessly imbibe her wisdom such that you will be able to boast to your friends that you have mastered one of the world’s great classics, without actually having to do so.  The second and third CDs take you on a tour of Erasmus’ thought and times, through music and text recitations. The last three CDs allow you to listen to the music without the recitations. 

So find yourself a hammock or a chaise longue, recline and decline to be bothered for an hour or two, and enjoy. 

As Folly herself might say, ‘Yo soy la locura’ (‘I am folly’) from whom all pleasure and sweetness flows… which you can hear here, sung in the heaven-sent voice of Montserrat Figuera.

Source: Erasmus: Eloge de la Folie, Alia Vox; Louise Moaty, Marc Mauillon, René Zosso, La Capella Reial de Catalunya, Hespèrion XXI, Jordi Savall


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