Fools through artists’ eyes

As part of the Festival of the Fool, we invite you to join this lively, illustrated online presentation, in which Beatrice Otto will share some gems from the virtual museum of fools and jesters she is building, taking us on a short walk through ‘The Fooleum’.

Beatrice is the author of the award-winning global history of fools and jesters, Fools Are Everywhere, and founder of the website. A fully paid up foolologist, in other words.

Sunday 2 April at 19.00 (7pm) CET, 18.00 (6pm) GMT, 13.00 (1pm) EASTERN, 10.00 (10am) PACIFIC – approximate duration 1 hour

Please click here to register.  Admission is free but we encourage donations to allow those with lower incomes to attend the Festival of the Fool live in the Netherlands, June 16-19.

Image credit: meriç tuna at unsplash


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