Happy Fools’ Day

On vous souhaite

une très belle fête

avec trompettes.

Pour être honnête

la fête des fous

est revenue:

le seul jour où

faut qu’on avoue

qu’on soit tous fous

(même sages comme vous)

mais surtout nous.


Ce n’est pas faux: si tous sont sots

N’y a pas un seul qui n’est pas idiot.

The world is going through a tough time and the next few months are likely to get tougher. Let’s take a moment to celebrate our capacity to laugh: a lot of jokes flying around the internet, not in denial of the terrifying pandemic with its equally pernicious economic fall out, but in defiance of it.

So we offer you a little French ditty in the style of some medieval verses and proverbs, to keep up our humour and humility: to sum up, we wish you a happy fools’ festival full of trumpet blasts, on this one day of the year when we can all admit to being fools, even the wise among you.

Clearly, if we are all fools, then there are none who are too wise.


Poem copyright Beatrice Otto 2020 – feel free to share but with a credit and a link back to www.foolsareeverywhere.com – thank you!

Image credit: joaomontenegro.com


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