Happy April Fools’ Day

Once I was asked what motivated me to study fools and jesters, and I answered ‘envy’.  A little of that, and a lot of admiration for their various skills and resilience.  This quote of Kenneth Grahame perhaps conveys the exuberant spirit of the fool. 

Oh, to be a splendid fellow like this, self-contained, ready of speech, agile beyond conception, braving the forces of society, his hand against everyone, and yet always getting the best of it.

Wishing you all a wonderful capering day!

And thank you for your continuing support – your visits and likes and following the fool make it worthwhile.   We look forward to bringing you dozens more quotes, stories, images and research from the cutting edge of foolology. 

Source: Kenneth Grahame, Dream Days, illus. Maxfield Parrish (London: John Lane, 1902), facing page 90.


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