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Wellington Nogueira

Aims, approaches and ambitions – triple A already and we’ve barely begun!

‘Stultorum plena sunt omnia’, said the ancients, or ‘fools are everywhere’, and so it has proved.

To celebrate this, we are building the most sparkling and scholarly global resource on fools and jesters. 

Modest ambitions, as you know, never got anybody anywhere. draws on thousands of quotes, examples, images and anecdotes in a dozen or so languages, amassed in – and since – researching the award-winning book of the same name.  It features:

  • quotations and stories highlighting the nature and role of fools and jesters in diverse cultures 
  • annotated bibliography of erudite yet engaging studies complemented by a judiciously selected canon of indispensable works
  • visual gallery of fools real, imaginary, or both – the World Fooleum, as it were
  • biographical who’s who as we open ‘dossiers’ – call them The Fool Files – on individual jesters
  • polyglot lexicon of fools and foolery
  • gap map comments so foolologists can plant fresh seeds in the field

And not a jot of jargon in sight. Or shoot me with a pea-shooter (mushy peas only).

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Thank you and see you here whenever you need a dose of sanity and a refreshing perspective. We’ll be firing off despatches on Fridays which have now been reassigned Fool Days.

We so need smart fools today!

Liisa Välikangas

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