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‘Stultorum plena sunt omnia’, said the ancients, or ‘fools are everywhere’, and so it has proved.

To highlight this universal fact, we are building the most sparkling, scholarly and sweeping online treasury to promote the appreciation of fools and jesters throughout history and across the world.

Modest ambitions, as you know, never got anybody anywhere.

Naturally, a venture of such scope and significance requires considerable fashioning before being sprung upon a placid world.  If you would like to be notified when we are ready to tear off the wrapping paper, please sign up on the right. will draw on thousands of stories, images and quotations in a dozen or so languages, amassed when researching the book of the same name.  It will feature:

  • a glimmering mosaic of quotations and fool stories
  • a judiciously selected and indispensable canon of primary and secondary sources, supplemented by an annotated bibliography of erudite yet engaging studies, papers, articles and what not
  • a biographical alphabet and visual gallery of fools real, imaginary, or both
  • a polyglot and limpid lexicon of fools and foolery
  • a gap map so would-be foolologists can explore uncharted terrain and plant fresh seeds in the field, instead of getting bogged down in wheel-worn research ruts
  • an irresistible selection of cards to inject wise levity into the vicissitudes of our times. 

And not a drop of jargon to be seen. Or shoot me with a pea-shooter. (Mushy peas only.)

In the meantime, if you can’t bear the suspense, and even if you can, why not bury your head in the book that inspired the website, and no doubt, in due course, the film.  Click on the cover image to be transported to a shop wise enough to stock it.

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Thank you and look forward to welcoming you to

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